Live interaction with games and movies through 3D technology


The dimensions of entertainment had increased manifold with the advent of 3D technology. This technology has turned the popularity of movies. It certainly thrills the spectators with the creative elements introduced in this technology. The 3D technology has already become popular for use in movies, and even games are no different to this technology.

Power of 3D

3D games provide an extensive outlook to the gamers, and 3D technology in games has revolutionized the gaming industry. As compared to a plain 2D, users feel 3D games more interactive and standard. Many console manufacturers and game developers are supporting 3D concept for their games by prefixing their game titles as 3D. There are numerous arrays of 3D games available in the market. The variety of 3D games depicts the potential that 3D technology has that can be utilized creatively to create an interactive sphere. With a lot of 3D games already available in the market, there is still lot more to come in near future. The 3D technology in games makes a significant difference from plain 2D games. The gamers can have a feel as if the content is flying out of their console screen. This makes the 3D games live and interactive to be played. The potential of 3D gaming can be experienced by playing 3D games and those who have already jumped from one stage to another in famous games such as Super Mario 64 and Assassin's Creed will be aware of the power that 3D has in it. 3D games can be played by setting big home theatre setups that can bring the gamer to get immersed in the game while playing and maximize the entertainment. These theatrical setups, when accompanied with terrific sound system with features such as bass subwoofer and seven channels, can boost the gaming experience to great heights.

Advantages of games

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Future of online games

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